Λογότυπο Eταιρίας [302xX]
Πάνω Frame [668xX]

PTFE, normally considered a thermoplastic material, is the most widely known and used fluoropolymer. Specific techniques must be used to manufacture it owing to its chemical-physical characteristics.


  • low friction coefficient 
  • excellent dielectric properties 
  • excellent chemical inertness 
  • excellent resistance to both low and high temperatures 
  • anti-adhesive surface 
  • well suited for contact with foods 
  • zero hygroscopicity 
  • resistance to ageing

Filled PTFE

To improve the already exceptional characteristics, especially if used in demanding situations, PTFE is modified by adding several fillers, including: 

  • fibreglass 
  • carbon
  • graphite 
  • ceramic 
  • stainless steel 
  • bronze 
  • Mos2 
  • Polyimide 
  • etc. 

which allow improving some mechanical characteristics, like compressive strength, wear resistance, thermal conductibility, or reducing the tendency to creep, to thus obtain manufactured parts that allow considerable improvements in both the design and operation phase (e.g. piston rings and sliding blocks for compressors).