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   During its 25year presence in the industrial product sector, our company ETKA P. VRAKAS & CO O.E. has, in response to relevant requirements, been offering specialized solutions, such as industrial plastics, products made of coal-fibres and glass-fibres along with electrodes and metal welding wires.

   Our company maintains an extensive range of products made of Polyamide (PA6 - PA66), Polyacetal (ACETAL POM C - POM H), PETP, PC1000, Polyethelene PE (UHMW HD500 - HD1000), PVC RIGID, PP, RBI, PAI, PEEK, PPS, PPSU, PEI, PSU, TEFLON (PTFE), PVDF.

The products are on continuous stock in various shapes (rods, sheets, tubes), thereby covering a considerable spectrum of modern industrial requirements.