Λογότυπο Eταιρίας [302xX]
Πάνω Frame [668xX]
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Quadrant offers all of its customers access to materials and plastic design expertise - as well as specialists in many areas of industry.  To bring our customers the best solutions, we recognize that we need to be involved in your industry.

While our materials are present in virtually every industrial segment worldwide, we have been able to group several of these segments and create highly speciaized product, service and support programs to match specific needs.

As an example, our injection molding group can assist in design of many automotive sub-systems, then develop the logistics plan to have finished parts on your production line just-in-time.

Our linings experts within our machinable plastics group can evaluate your bulk feed system, propose a material soluition, design, build and install the final turn-key lining system.

Only a few examples of our experience.  Put it to work for you.